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Barcelona’s build-ups vs Leverkusen-Part 1

Barcelona are switching sides. Tempo is low . Leverkusen are so compact, it takes time for their midfield to shift. Iniesta, Neymar, Mathieu combine to get the ball into the wings. Once the ball gets to Neymar however the defensive & offensive movements are very different fom bayern.For one look at the speed at which the ball is fizzing across bayerns backline. Ribery looks to run down the touchline & cross while Lewa, Bernat, Alonso are all behind the play to win the second balls. In contrast Neymar cuts inside & only Iniesta, Busquets are behind the defensive structure while Rakitic is making a run. Barcelona lose the ball far away from Leverkusen’s box & there are only 2 players behind the ball. Sandro & Pique try & be the 3rd man to win the ball. Wendell Kramer & Bender have formed a 3 man structure & get the ball near Barca’s box to combine. Each time Barca clear the ball, it should be the wings as central duels will be dominated by Papadopolous, Kramer & Bender.

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