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Toby Podmore

I live in Finland, I'm 26, and I enjoy writing, football and cooking. Also music. And dogs!

Jordan Henderson – the forgotten man of Anfield?

The transfer window is not called 'silly season' for no reason. It is a time of year when even the normally level-headed find themselves...

Football Tactics For Beginners- The 4-4-2 Diamond Formation

The 4-4-2 Diamond formation. Introduction. Whilst the traditional 4-4-2 formation has become less common in recent years, the diamond variation is alive and well. The differences...

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Pep Guardiola explains how to receive the ball [Video]

Many consider Pep Guardiola to be one of the...

Football Tactics for Beginners: The Low Block

What is the low block? The low block is generally...
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