Andy Carroll Needs To Get His Act Together

Picture Courtesy-David Vandepeer

After a bizarre deadline day of January 2011,the biggest doubt hung over Andy Carroll’s move to Liverpool and whether the Geordie was worth 35 million pounds.But in the subsequent months the spotlight was not on him as the man who he replaced at Liverpool,Fernando Torres made a horrible start to his Chelsea career.Kenny Dalglish further protected his number 9 by saying Carroll wasn’t fully fit,and he at his age was more of a buy for the future rather than the present.

Certainly Carroll needs to work harder to contribute more to Liverpools’s overall build up play like Suarez,especially when Craig Bellamy is fit and raring to go.Also Steven Gerrard’s return to fitness should prompt Dalglish to play a 4-2-3-1 with Suarez up top and Gerrard supporting him.Carroll was certainly more than a big man striker at Newcastle as Tom Nash points out here.His linkup play at Newcastle was excellent,you wouldn’t expect a “big man striker” like AC to drop deep and link with his midfielders but as the article above points out,he was more of a all round striker at Newcastle.He even had a tendency to tackle and he has a good success rate too.

But in the recent games against Everton and Wolves he has rarely been involved in the games as we can see from the chalkboards,although he did get the goal against Everton.

Especially against Everton he was barely involved and there was a joke going around that Clattenberg sent Rodwell off so that becomes 10 V 10.Compare this to last season’s games for Newcastle with Man United and Arsenal.You can clearly see the difference.And his problems don’t end there,his drinking problem has been criticized by the man below,Fabio Capello and with the emergence of Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge,his ticket to Euro 2012 is far from assured.So Andy Carroll needs to get his act together and fast.
Picture Courtesy-Graeme Bandeira