Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Football Tactics For Beginners: The 4-4-2 Formation

When football was first majorly popularised in the last century, tactics in football and football formations were not as prominent an issue as they are in the modern game. These days however, managers and back room staff work for hours and hours every week in order to crack their oppositions plans and earn the victories they so crave. To do so, managers employ football formations as the 4-5-1, the 4-4-1-1,the 4-2-3-1 or the 4-3-3. These formations have all become much more frequent in today's game as they appear "fashionable". Despite this, the legend of the classic 4-4-2 formation still lives on. Still the most popular formation in the footballing world,the 4-4-2 is now rarely used at the highest level

Friday, 11 April 2014

Why Shinji Kagawa was successful at Borussia Dortmund but is not at Manchester United

Manchester United lost to Bayern over two legs in the Champions League quarter finals. Although the final scoreline of 3-1 suggests otherwise,the game was actually quite close until United scored the first goal. Shinji Kagawa who finally got a chance to play in a big game was one the few United players who impressed on the night. Now,we ll take a look back to Kagawa's time with Borussia Dortmund to see why he was so successful back then.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

5 Players Manchester United should NOT sign in the summer

David Moyes looks set to stay on as Manchester United manager at least till the start of the next season. And it is widely known that he ll have money to spend to improve an aging squad. This might be the most important transfer window in Moyes's career having made a mess of the last summer transfer window. So lets take a look at the players,he better not buy for Manchester United.

Leighton Baines

Widely considered to be the best left back in the premier league,Moyes is a keen admirer of his former player. But with Baines into his 30s next season,United will have to again look for a replacement in a couple of years. And also after a gruelling world cup in Brazil,Baines won't be freshest for the next season . And as we all know,he isn't going to come cheap,especially if Everton qualify for the Champions League

Friday, 4 April 2014

5 signings which will make Manchester United Champions again

Manchester United are going to spend big in the summer,we all know that. Whether David Moyes is going to be the one in charge,we are not sure. But whoever is in charge at Carrington in the summer  is going to get a huge kit of transfer fee. And they have to spend wisely to take back United to the level they are supposed to be after a disastrous season.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

How well do you know your club? Manchester United,Chelsea fans among the worst

From the first game you watch on TV to the latest scan of the back pages of the papers, throughout your time as a football fan, you pick up a few pieces of knowledge here and there, mainly about your club. It could be about the most recent game, where you’ve finished in the league the past few seasons or about a record signing, but whatever the stat, it stays in your head.

Monday, 31 March 2014

5 reasons why Manchester United will beat Bayern Munich

Even David Moyes thinks the headline is funny
Read on,at the end of the article,I am sure you will agree with us that,United are going to dish out a thrashing on tuesday.

Brendan Rodgers's Tactical Evolution at Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers's tactics at Liverpool have undergone a remarkable transition over the past two years. Rarely we see managers change their philosophy and achieve so much success over a short period of time. Liverpool have evolved from a possession hogging "Lets build from the back" side to one of the most devastating counter attacking teams in England in 2 years. Favouring a 4-3-3 in earlier part of the season,Rodgers has switched to a diamond formation at times and it has worked.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Should Ashley Young start? :How Moyes can beat Manchester City

Ashley Young to Start?

Manchester United fans might groan at the sight of Ashley Young in their starting line up,but Young's versatility and defensive workrate is needed for United,especially if they play Kagawa on the left. David Moyes has to be ready for a surprise or two,if City start with Jesus Navas to exploit the space left by Kagawa,then United will be in trouble. So Moyes can then switch Kagawa on the right and Young to the left. This is not possible if Antonio Valencia is selected ahead of Young on the right. But you can expect David Moyes to drop Kagawa and play 2 of Welbeck/Kagawa/Valencia.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

5 Reasons why David Moyes has been good for Manchester United

Even Moyes seems shocked at our headline
Note-If you don't get satire please don't read more

Friday, 14 March 2014

Park Ji Sung(Manchester United) Vs Ac Milan

“We can talk about Rooney – and he was certainly deadly – but Park’s discipline, intelligence and sacrifice won us the match tactically. Pirlo is such an important player for them.” Sir Alex speaking to MUTV

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

VIDEO:Netherlands 1974 pressing vs Argentina(Total Football)

Cruyff  "Simple football is the most beautiful. But playing simple football is the hardest thing."

Friday, 7 March 2014

A look at Manchester United's system under David Moyes:The Importance of Full Backs

I am a lifelong Manchester United supporter, an avid football player and an armchair tactician. This is my first article discussing tactics and I look forward to some quality discussion in the comments section. I have been thinking about David Moyes' system at Everton and so far at United, and I want to share my thoughts on a few things I have noticed. I will begin by first taking a look at the system itself, or to be precise, one of its most pervasive attacking tactics. This will then shed some light on the various qualities required by individuals and the team. Finally, I will share my personal opinions on a few other matters to round out this article. Throughout, I will remark about various related, and even unrelated, things, and I hope that you will find it somewhat tolerable, if not interesting. I have tried to make this post approachable for the tactical beginners and so I apologize in advance for the verbose nature of this post. Let us begin.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Suarez/Sturridge,Aguero/Negredo-Revival of the striking partnership?

This Premier League season has been great for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the race for the title is as close as ever, and secondly the number of sides with a realistic chance of securing a top four finish is the greatest in recent memory. In addition, another reason as to why it has been such an enjoyable season is because of the strike partnerships we have seen develop and flourish at both Manchester City and Liverpool.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Should Ozil start today? : Champions League Talking Points

Pelligrini's Substitutions
Manchester City after going down to ten men were exposed time and again especially along their left hand side as Barcelona were intent on increasing their lead. Playing at home and down to ten men,it made little sense for City to go on the attack as the danger of conceding an extra away goal was too high. Pelligrini took off Kolarov and Navas and brought on Lescott and Nasri and as expected Dani Alves,free finally from the attention of two opposing left backs in tandem grabbed the second goal.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Football Tactics For Beginners:The Box to Box Midfielder

The Box to Box Midfielder and its decline.

The Box to Box midfielder is a term which is used to describe a midfielder who influences or impacts the game at both the ends of the pitch. This type of midfielders generally possess high stamina,energy and the ability to go on lung bursting runs through the middle of the park. Arturo Vidal and Yaya Toure come to mind when one thinks of players having such quality,although both of them play more refined roles for their clubs.